Fully Integrated Modules

WorthIT Image Gallery

WorthIT Image Gallery brings your assets and documents to life and is a proven valuable add-on companion product to WorthIT Fixed Assets. It allows users within the company to create, maintain and share a library of asset pictures and document images. Because these images can reflect widespread activities from across the company, imaging can be a significant time saver, helping all users respond to inquiries in a timely and effective manner.

Using WorthIT Image Gallery for WorthIT Fixed Assets, corporate executives, financial managers and operating personnel can have immediate on-line access to images of original documents such as insurance policies, maintenance contracts, invoices, purchase or lease agreements, service work orders and pictures of assets or component parts and have all that pertinent and interrelated information available on-demand.

WorthIT Image Gallery lends itself to an almost unlimited potential use. Imagine, for example, the advantages that could be had by storing on-line pictures of a vehicle asset before and after repairs were made (possibly due to an accident) as well as images of the repair work order and other related documents. When an inquiry does arise, all information for this asset will be at your fingertips.

Using WorthIT Image Gallery, you can:

  • Store single or multiple page images of asset pictures or documents
  • Associate multiple images with an asset
  • Index each image for easy and quick retrieval
  • View images from the comfort of your computer screen
  • Zoom in or out and re-size the view for better focus
  • Print document images without having to search through manual records and make photocopies of originals

WorthIT Lease & Loan Manager

WorthIT Lease & Loan Manager provides the solution to manage, report and plan corporate leases and capital obligations. This comprehensive system will help you:

Track vital details about your lease portfolios for immediate access:
Information on practically every aspect of lease management can be maintained to help you respond to inquiries. This includes lease terms, registered liens, lender and asset details, payments and adjustment history, cost allocations and more.

Allocate lease costs and produce G/L posting reports effortlessly:
Using the percentage distribution feature, you can define the G/L cost allocation table for each lease. You can also customize the G/L account structure and automate the creation of G/L posting reports to suit your environment.

Project future costs and cashflow requirements:
When it’s budget crunch time, you can project principle payments, interest and taxes and use these values to prepare your budgets and cash flow projections.

Simulate cost and cash flow impact of proposed new leases and loans:
Code proposed leases and loans as “planned” and include them along with actual leases in your cash flow and cost projection reports to determine the full impact to your bottom line. Or, report separately to visualize the cost implications of proposed investments.

Analyze your company’s capital allocation and make informed decisions:
Classify your leases and loans using a number of variables, and find out exactly how your capital is being invested by business unit, project, lender, or requisitioner; taking advantage of potential opportunities.

Track expiration dates and prevent costly automatic extensions:
Use WorthIT Lease & Loan Manager to identify expiring leases and plan your cash requirements well in advance of such occurences. You can even refine your cash flow projections by marking selected leases as buy-out candidates.

WorthIT Report Gallery

WorthIT Report Gallery is a flexible report writer and an exciting add-on companion product to WorthIT Fixed Assets. It allows advanced users and IT professionals the ability to create additional database views to those already provided and to create an almost unlimited range of additional reporting possibilities. Used in conjunction with WorthIT Fixed Assets’ existing advanced built-in reporting capabilities, corporate managers, financial executives and operating personnel can now mine their valuable data and gain an in-depth perspective about the composition of their fixed assets.

Using the WorthIT Report Library, you can design your reports exactly the way you want them and not have to sacrifice content or layout because of conflicting needs and interests. For example, you can:

  • Create and maintain your own personal library of customized reports. You can choose the columns to include the desired sequence as well as specify sort levels, subtotals, data ranges, page breaks, headers, footers, fonts and styles amongst other attributes
  • Navigate through entire reports on-line and preview contents before printing. You may find WorthIT Report Gallery’s unique Horizontal Paging feature very handy when creating very wide reports
  • Export data in a variety of formats simply by clicking on the Export button
  • Define user security levels and profiles, and safeguard your data against unauthorized access
  • With WorthIT Report Gallery, you can use the point-and-click options to generate custom reports

Standalone Modules

WorthIT Lease & Loan Analyzer

WorthIT Lease & Loan Analyzer (WLLA) is specifically designed for accounting and finance professionals who need more than just amortization schedules. It incorporates advanced features and calculations to perform thorough evaluations of lease & loan scenarios.

  • Build exhaustive scenario profiles to also account for front & back end fees, security deposits, payment and buy-out terms, depreciation and tax rates for precise analysis
  • Produce custom payment schedule reports with cover page summaries and user defined totals by anniversary, calendar or fiscal periods. With a simple click, you can transfer information to Word, Excel or Clipboard
  • Select depreciation profiles and apply corporate tax rates to generate in-depth analysis and net cash flow spreadsheets by period. WLLA also supports recoverable taxes (ex: HST in Canada) for exact net cash flow projections
  • Calculate the precise effective interest rate (EIR) after accounting for front and back end fees; security deposits and payment terms
  • Click at any time to display summary statistics on any scenario such as projected total interest costs and estimated last payment date, amongst other valuable data
  • Simulate impact of changing principal payment amounts, varying interest rates or making lump sum payments during as many user defined from-to periods and compare results against base values
  • Calculate the present value of cash flow streams using corporate mandated discount rates of return
  • Use the built-in imaginative grid calculators to create amortization, future value and present value tables to analyze how incremental variations in key variables impact long term outcome

Microsoft Power BI Analytics and Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization. With WorthIT Fixed Assets V10, you can export your report data and make it available in the Microsoft Power BI application for virtually an unlimited range of analytics and data visualization possibilities. The combination of WorthIT Fixed Assets and Microsoft Power BI brings your fixed assets data to life!

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