When you choose WorthIT, you get so much more than just a software package. Our client services group is eager to provide users with technical assistance and professional consultations for WorthIT Fixed Assets in order to help them maximize their investment and get the most out of their fixed assets solution.

Hands-on Training and Consultation

WorthIT provides comprehensive user training to help you effectively implement WorthIT Fixed Assets V10 within your company environment. For optimum impact, each course is structured to ensure that you receive:

  • Individualized attention to identify and address your organization’s unique needs
  • In-depth presentations outlining the exhaustive list of features and functionalities of WorthIT Fixed Assets and how it can be deployed at your business
  • Expert advice and best-practices on how to effectively utilize the system

Help-Desk Support

In addition to our library of resource materials, the WorthIT Client Services group is eager to provide users with expert technical assistance for WorthIT Fixed Assets V11 via phone or email. This includes:

  • General inquiries and questions regarding application functionalities
  • Software maintenance
  • General questions regarding maintenance releases
  • Upgrades and fixes
  • Specific issues relating to application of an upgrade or fix

Value-Added Services

WorthIT Fixed Asset’s primary focus is customer satisfaction. We believe in providing our customers with options to complete their transition as smoothly as possible. In addition to our technical support and customer training options, we also provide the following additional valued-added services:

Data Conversion and Asset Book Set-Up:
Our Client Services team can help you “jump-start” your WorthIT Fixed Assets implementation by setting up your asset book within WorthIT and convert your existing fixed assets data. A knowledgeable representative can visit your organization or work remotely to setup your Fixed Assets database, import your assets, and balance WorthIT Fixed Assets to your previous system. Not only will this save you valuable time and resources, your asset book are set up quickly and correctly according to your specifications. Our goal is to help you maintain your data’s integrity between your old system and WorthIT Fixed Assets by providing a seamless crossover to our system.

Custom Services:
Our Client Services team is available to provide you, our customers, with various types of custom services. These services can include a year-end date change, modification to numerous individual assets and assistance in audit and year-end closings. WorthIT Fixed Asset will provide you with a customized solution to fit your business requirements.

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